An open letter, to 12 years old myself.

Dear a clumpsy-shy-young-and-joyful me.

How are you there? It has been 10 years since I met you for the last time. It sounds like yesterday we have just met and talk about future, havent We? Or do we even have one? ^^


I  just need you to take a time for not more than 10 minutes to read my letter. So, wherever you are now, I just want to tell you something..

How is life going?

I know you are still busy with your elementary-school stuff and do an extra class and take a tutor in the afternoon and evening time. You are 6th grade right? And If I am not mistaken, you study in “high-intelegent” class fulled of smart student dont you?

How is your day? Good? Lazy? Intimidating? Funny?

How is your Yu-Gi-Ooh card and Pokemon card going? Or a Tamiya and a Crush-Gear you have? And how about a picture you always make in the back side of every school book you have? You still love to draw dont you? Together with your friend, play with a imaginative thing through drawing ^^ Good life huh? And If I am not mistaken, you also like drawing a picture on the wall dont you? How is your football skill progress? Do you still be a forgetful defender or holding mildfielder? Are you still a subtituted player? Have you practive to kick the ball yet? hahaha

How is the video game you play? Do you keep lying to your friend about CounterStrike game? How about winning eleven? Have you know how to use a joystick yet? I bet you dont. hahaha Have you already  seen it one or played that game? Do you still read your Doraemon book dont you? And how about DVD-VCD? Do you still buy a cartoon movie alot? How about PETERPAN ? still booming right? Can you sing one song for me? 😀

Are you still feel uneasy if your parent near you while you are being together with your friends? You have a mobile phone dont you? Are you confident enough to use your phone on public yet? How is your troublemaker-arrogant-selfish-tough friends? Do they still hate and play around you? Are you still okay with your left-hand? Do other people still hate that?

How is your dream going? You still want to be an architect dont you? Build a house just for youself huh? ^^ How is your imaginative friends? Do you still talk with them everyday? How about your silent? Do you still think about something alone? Do you still wake up in the morning just to see a sunrise.

How is your school going? Still have a problem in science and social stuff huh? Cant remember many things? Do you still come to the school in early morning? Do you still buy a street vendor snack in front of your school everyday? You still love a Pop Ice dont you? And Cicky or Citooz or Oreo or whatever it is? I still remember when you bring only Rp.1000 and you will get 3 peaces of Oreo. Are the teacher still angry when you buy a snack outside the school? Can you tell me the day when you go back home from school alone by betcak or yellow-colored mini bus? I tell you. You are brave enough bro. Because you have to change public transportation 2 times before you reach home, and you have to walk 200 meters more to get home after you get off from that mini-bus.

How is your praying-journal book that you have to write and give to the teacher every day? are you keep lying to your teacher about praying? How is your fasting time? Your Ramadhan? Do you still keep trying to drink a water during the day? I still remember you go to the Mosque sometimes dont you?  Have you been able to read Quran yet?

How about your family? How is your young brother life? Still have many fight with him? How about the food you eat? Are you still picky? Do you still make your mother angry every day? How is your football poster you have? Do you brave enough to put it on the wall? Have you been brave enough to stay alone at home? How about the kite? I remember that sometimes, or maybe just 1 or 2 times, you play a kite near the paddy field, sometimes with your father, a couple hundreds meters from your house. How is your karton-paper football game ? Do you still like to play it with your young brother?

How about love story? How about your puppy love with 2 young girls that glimming your heart every day? Do you still love her? 😀

What a good life huh? Only those things that I can remember for you. 10 years travelling to the future make me forget a couple things in detail. Sorry about that, Aga. ^^


But it doesnt matter now.  All the problems and story, and childhood stuff you have now, will turn to be something better, believe me. It is okay, bacuse 10 years after you read my letter, your life become more beautiful than ever. You will be somewhere, across the sea, and study. You will take many experience there. Something that youcwill never imagine in your 10 years old age. Even today, I still cannot belive, why I am here. You will be a smart-looking-independent-mind-blowing-confidence person.  Your life is good man, 10 years after you read this letter.

Dont worry about the video-game and childhood stuff you are not good at, because you will good at something more meaningful than that. Well, you can play a football video games and a couple kind of things anyway, but I tell you, you are still not good enough, 10 years after you read my letter. So just try to leaf that bullshit. Video games is just not good for you. Yes you can play eventually, but just for social stuff.

You are still not good in sport. Specially in football, but you will get something else. You will be able to see a football match outside your country, and you become “expert” on it.

And I hope you study hard still. It will be worthful for you. Just try to study as you are. I know that you are lazy to remember something, but as you get older, you will be able to understand rather than remember something. You will be able to understand a concept, and you will read alot of books. You will crazy about information.

Just keep learning. Dont care about what your teacher said about you.  Specially when you are 14 years old. Those days will become one of the hardest day in your life, because all teacher will tell you that you are stupid. But dont worry, after you graduate from Elementary school, luckly you will get a good both junior high school and senior high school.

I also recommend you to love an English. Because in the age of 15, you will start to love english, and english become your strongest “weapon” to face the world. You can go overseas, in the  age of  21, just because your good at it. Just like a magic. And in fact, you will become an english tutor when you are 19. You will borrow and listen many things about english. you just crazy about that.

You  will take an agriculture site when you are in the university. Somehow you will get a scholarship although you have no idea about agriculture before. It will take a many story to choose agriculture, bacause when you are in a highschool,  you want to be a teacher or study in sosial-science,  but universe have a different plan for you.  So suddenly you just jump to learn agriculture, and you pretty good at it. Because in fact you still have a time to learn many things during you study agriculture. So dont worry, just be what you are. Study and learn anything from now. And I promise, 10 years after you read this letter,  you will not regret what will you get. ^^

I  just want to tell you that, your dream tobe an architect seems not working.  You will have a math issue in your junior high school. So try to good at something else please.. you will start to love and read many books when you are 15. You read, and you read, and you read, and you read, and think and think and think, until even your brain dont understand, what you think. It will be a transcendent moment for you,  because you will start to questioning everything.  Because of the book, and the information you get, your friends, some of them will tell you that you have a crazy mind. But is okay, just stick on in, because after that moment, you will see that what you think is not wrong.  It will bring you to the position that higher than ordinary people.

And you still have a relationship problem with your friend when you are 13-15. It is kind of they dont like about your character and altitude, or maybe your altitude just doesnt fit with them. But it is okay,  it will be better after you are 16-18, and it will be more better after you are 20, because it seems like you have already understood and discovered what life truely is. Anyway, dont hate your friend that hate you. 10 years after you read this letter, all your friends that hate you, become less successful than you are. Their life, some of them, become so patetic, some of them got married already, some of them get a job, some of them become a terrorist, some of them just not smart enough.  So dont  hate them. your life will be better than theirs. Trust me 😀

And about the food, you will not complain about food again. You will eat anything. You will drink your first alcohol in the age of 19 and you will pretty good at it. Your body become fat and thin and fat and thin again, repeatedly. But you will work on it to make your body normal again, and you succeed anyway at the end.

And…, dont worry about your left-hand. I know that your left-handed, and until now, forever and ever. Dont worry. I  know that some people hate that, but on the age of 16, you will understand truthfully about that, and become very confident with that. Even if there is someone hate you because you are lefty, they will be silent after you give them a reason why you are lefty.

And anyway, you will be good at take an argument and stick with it. You will an arrogant-selfish-independent-and-principle. No one can tell you how to do, and what to do. And you will happy about that. Just wait 10 years after you read my letter ^^

And about your brother, you will have one more when you are 15. So you will have 2 young brothers. Your 2nd young brother looks small at the begining, but, he will become an active boy with a tough body. Sure. And for your 1st young brother, he looks weak, but 10 years after you read this, he will become twice bigger than you. It seems that you will be the shortest son that your parents have. He is strong and good in play music, even he is smarter than you. He just doesnt like reading, so he looks normal, but he is smart.

I know that you cannot stay at home alone now, but 10 years from now, you will love to travel. You like to discover something, talk with many people and many stories. You will speak with many foreigners, and you will find that, your point of view is just match and fix with them, than with local people near you. Your idea and your thought, cannot be accept by people near you, but believe me, other people, outside your country, will appreciate your thought more.

Your family and you will move and move more than 3 times, from one house to another. Your mother will have a business, a restourant business, but it will be failed. And, for almost 4 years during 14 to 18 years old, you will be sleep together with your 2 young brothers, because your family only have 2 bed room. Your family even dont have a dinning room. You will have experience in helping your mother open the restaurant until night. But it will okay, because, when you are 20, your family will move to the nice place, with a proper and big dinning room and also many bed room, and big living room. Your family will be happy then. 10 years after you read this letter. ^^

Dont worry about religion, because until now, while I am writing this letter, I am still finding the best religion for us. So dont worry if  you cannot read Quran or something. Just take it easy, and remember, that when you  are 19, you will have a fight of argument with your religion subject lecturer, and you will get “E” in the end of the semester. But it is okay, because at least you defense something that you belive.

You will have a very beautiful blog in the age of 19, although you are not person that very good at handling the technology stuff. You will have a self-website and you will be pretty organized on that thing. Most of teenagers around you dont have that, and it will be a one of the strongest point you have.

Your favorite band will be a Britpop Band from UK. Your music style will also define you as a person or young man. But it will take long time before finally, at the age of 19, you will have a music style that make your status higher. Because believe me, your shitty and ass-hole friends, will love modern culture music that sounds awful and terrible. The pop culture will become worse.

And one more thing, about love. You will find your  truly first love when you are 15. She will jump into you first, She will call you first,  and you will crush on her every single beat of your heart. You will love her alot. She is just a pretty-sweet-little-cute-girl. I hope you will not waste the chance. But, I will not tell you what your love story in detail, because, you have to find by yourself anyway. Just dont let her down, I really mean it bro.. Really. ^^

So. Maybe, that is all. I hope you still happy and dont lose the joy. Believe me, just do what you do, just be yourself, be confident by what you are. You will be okay.

I  know that there is many stuff going on 10 years from now. But I belive that you can make it !! You are stronger than you think. Your life will be wonderful, meaningful, and priceless.

My advice is just be the one with nature and universe, and they will take care you too ^^

Good night 12 years old me, See you again 10 years from now in the age of 32. I will tell you again what will happen. Hope I still can give you a story, a good one.


Your 22 years old you!


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