It has been late night, but I still can not sleep. I have to do my assignment for tomorrow class. I do not have any Idea what I am going to say here, in my blog. I have never made a blog in english before. but maybe, I will tell you about something, some story about my english skill experiece.

4 years ago, English was the most complicated lesson for my self. I loved that lesson at school, but I had never expected I would got such a proper skill in english, although it is just a basic skill.

everything began proximately 4 years ago, when I met person who change whom I used tobe. that was my ex-girlfried. she has become my first love until now. we shared everything, everytime together. we were like brother and sister. I 3 years older than her. she is a pretty cute honourable girl. I like her smile, a lot. .

she is pretty good in english, specially in speaking. because she love english and has a passion in learning english, gradually, I was being addicted in learning english as well. at the beginning, I learnt about a common noun, a common verb and a common adjective. she tought me english with pattient.

for just less than 1 years, I had got appreciation from my friend about my new english skill.

I love her a lot, and only because of that reason, I am continuing studying about english. I embrace the feeling that I have never felt in other parts of my life.

My ex-girlfriend has been changing mu self, my altitude, my purpose of life, and my feeling in learning english. If there were my girlfried, I would never understand about this subject. although we do not in relationship anymore, although see has left me, I still remember all memories that we have gone through.

I have to say “thakyou” to my ex-girlfried. Because of English, I can understand everything easier. I could get the best senior high school in my hometown, I could get scholarship at University, and all my frieds recognize me as student that has skill in english, basic english.

I completly realize I need to increase my english skill, specially in grammar and speaking. I will learn more, and more, and more..because maybe this is the only way for me to show my gratitude for my girlfried who has tought and introduced me english…

If I had a miraculous time machine, I would go back to the past, the moment when I met my girl, and I would do everything without mistake, I would made her happier, and I would spend every moment with her.. because I realize, I have let my girl friend down and dissapointed..

thankyou my ex-girlfried.  You are the best of all .. 😀


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